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NY State Police

Last updated on 07-27-13.

The NY State Police operates primarily on VHF simplex frequencies across the state of New York.  The dispatch frequencies are duplexes, so you must listen to two separate frequencies to hear the base and mobile units.


Troop A of the NYSP covers much of western New York, including Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Orleans, Wyoming, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany counties.  Chautauqua county is located in zone 3 of the troop.

In Chautauqua county NYSP cars get primary dispatch and operations communications on the county’s sheriff/countywide police frequency of 156.21.  However, the frequencies here are still used for cars to remain in contact with their barracks, and for some dispatching.  As noted above, these frequencies are a duplex, so you must listen to the “base” side to hear the dispatcher and the “mobile” side to hear the field units.  Frequencies are simplex, so to hear the cars you will need to be fairly close.

NYSP Troop A Frequencies

Freq (MHZ): usage

155.505: Troop A dispatch, base

155.535: Troop A dispatch, mobiles


Aside from the troop dispatch frequencies, there are a number of special operations, tactical, car to car, and other frequencies used locally and across the state by NYSP units.  Many of these will not be active very often, but you will want to have them in case an incident arises where their usage is required.  All are simplex; these are single-channel and not duplex.  Of particular interest is 154.695, which will light up if a “be on the lookout” is issued or some other sort of statewide or areawide emergency bulletin is issued.

NYSP Statewide Frequencies

Freq (MHZ): usage

154.665: car to car

155.46: executive services details

154.695: statewide emergency bulletins and special broadcasts

154.92: tactical ops

155.565: tactical ops

155.625: tactical ops

155.37: NY statewide interop/interagency


The NYSP has a special division, or troop, whose primary purpose is to provide patrols and law enforcement on the NY State Thruway (locally, I-90.) We are in the Buffalo division, which covers from Victor all the way to the PA state line.  It also covers the I-190 Niagara division of the thruway.  A wide-area repeater is used to handle all dispatching and primary operations within this division, and the system is quite active most of the time.  There are also other simplex and repeater frequencies used; for local operations in Chautauqua county see that county’s “Police and Law Enforcement” page for more details.

NYSP Thruway Authority (Troop T) Frequencies

Freq (MHZ): usage: simplex/repeater (s equals simplex, r equals repeater)

453.425: Buffalo division dispatch and primary ops: r

458.525: Statewide car to car: s

154.665: NYSP statewide car to car: s

155.565: NYSP statewide tactical: s

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