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Chautauqua County Amateur Radio

Last updated on 07-27-13.

This page contains information for using and listening to amateur radio (ham) communications in the Chautauqua county, NY area, as well as selected repeaters and Warren County, PA.

Ham radio is one of those things that initially I viewed as a hindrance to my radio monitoring.  As I mentioned on other pages throughout this site, my early days in scanning were focused solely around public safety, and a few guys yacking about the weather on the way to work just didn’t interest me.

However, after I got to know more about ham radio, I have gained a new respect for the hobby.  Not only is it a fantastic way to meet and chat with people locally and abroad, it is also a service to the general public.  With agencies such as the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) and Skywarn (weather spotters) out there, ham radio is also here to help protect people and provide emergency communications when other means such as police and fire frequencies or cell phones may become overwhelmed and go off-line.

So, I am now a ham, with the call KD2DAX, and my knowledge of ham radio will be shared with you through my local ham radio pages.

I have broken down this page into frequencies by club, with privately-owned repeaters and those not affiliated with clubs at the bottom, and also a section for simplex frequencies.


The CCAFMA is probably the largest club in Chautauqua county.  The club has around 85 members, including myself, and operates several different repeaters that are linked together for access across much of Chautauqua county and into Warren County, PA.  The 146.88 machine in Stockton provides good communications into the northern part of the county; the 146.94 repeater in Jamestown covers the city, the suburbs, and much of the Chautauqua Lake and central parts of the county; and the 146.97 repeater in Hearts Content, PA, which is in Warren County, provides coverage to that part of the area.  These repeaters are linked together 24/7 and together are a great system to use.  The 146.76 repeater in Warren is not linked but is another club-owned repeater that provides good access into that county.

CCAFMA Repeaters Assume standard offset unless noted otherwise.

Freq (MHZ): repeater/location: PL

146.94: K2LUC Jamestown: 127.3

146.88: K2HE Stockton: 127.3

146.97: W3YZR Hearts Content, PA: 186.2

146.76: KB3KOP Warren: 186.2


This club is based out of the Fredonia/Dunkirk area.  I know very little about it or its activities.  However, the club’s VHF repeater on 146.625 MHZ is part of the Chautauqua county emergency communications network and has good coverage across the northern part of the county and all the way down the Lake Erie shoreline.  It is a very good repeater to use.  The club also operates a UHF repeater that is part of the areawide UHF linked system; see that section for this repeater.

NCARC Repeaters Assume standard offset unless otherwise noted.

Freq (MHZ): repeater/location: PL

146.625: W2SB Fredonia: 127.3


A wide area network of UHF (440 MHZ) repeaters is available for amateur use across the area.  With all the repeaters linked together, coverage extends across the bulk of Chautauqua county and into Warren and Cattaraugus counties as well.  The hub repeater is in Sherman on 442.75.  To my knowledge, all repeaters are privately-owned except for the Fredonia site, which is owned by the NCARC.

UHF Linked System Frequencies Assume standard offset unless otherwise noted.

Freq (MHZ): repeater/location: PL

442.75: WB2;EDV Sherman (hub): 88.5

444.35: W2SB Fredonia: 88.5

444.45: WB2;EDV Mayville: 88.5

444.5: AC2JC Gerry: 88.5

443.9: Warren site (unconfirmed by admin): 88.5

444.775: Limestone site (not confirmed by site admin): 88.5


East Coast Reflector 9050 is an Internet Linked Repeater Project (IRLP) system run by a ham in the Buffalo area, WB2JPQ.  We have a site in Chautauqua county through which this system can be accessed, located on the escarpment in Arkwright.  The repeater gets good coverage down the entire lake shore and across northern Chautauqua county.  Don’t be surprised to hear hams from across New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, or even Florida on this system.  WB2JPQ occasionally links 9050 into the WAN-RS system, and then you can talk in even more places.  Our site of this system (146.67) is also listed as the skywarn operating frequency for the western Southern Tier.

WAN-RS is another linked system with access in the area.  It has repeaters all across Pennsylvania, and also up and down the east coast and across the country.  The site of this repeater in Sugar Grove has good access across good parts of Chautauqua and Warren counties.

Try out these two repeaters and see how many locations you can reach (or hear.) It’s like DX’ING without the hassle!

Reflector 9050 and WAN-RS Frequencies Assume standard offset unless otherwise noted.

Freq (MHZ): repeater/location: PL

146.67: K2XZ Arkwright: 88.5

145.11: WAN repeater, W3GFD Sugar Grove: 186.2


The following are miscellaneous repeaters across the area.  They are either privately owned, or I am unaware of their ownership.  Access to the Ripley pair is limited to that part of the county for the most part, in the Ripley/Westfield areas.  I am not a frequent user of KS2D in Jamestown, but it has good coverage across the city and the ‘burbs but not much farther than that.  146.79 in Frewsburg has very good coverage and is frequently used, a good one to have.

PRIVATE/Misc Frequencies Assume standard offset unless otherwise noted.

Freq (MHZ): repeater/location: PL

145.47: K2OAD Ripley: 127.3

443.125: K2OAD Ripley: 127.3

145.33: KS2D Jamestown: 127.3

146.79: W2DRZ Frewsburg: CSQ


These are the standard nationwide amateur simplex frequencies that may be used in the county, or anywhere in the nation.

Simplex Frequencies

Freq (MHZ): description

146.52: Nationwide simplex calling

146.55: Commonly used simplex freq


The following are web pages of clubs in Chautauqua county where you can find more information about repeaters and club activities, or other sites that may be of interest.

Chautauqua County Amateur FM Assoc.:

Northern Chautauqua Amateur Radio Club:

East Coast Reflector 9050:

Wide Area Network (WAN):

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