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About ScanningEriePA

I’m Nick, the editor and author of the Scanning Erie, PA WordPress site.  This site is the home for scanning information for enthusiasts in the Erie, PA and Jamestown, NY areas.  I primarily cover Erie County, PA and Chautauqua County, NY.  However, I also frequently monitor Cattaraugus, Erie, and Niagara Counties in NY when reception permits, as well as southern Ontario, Lake Erie marine, nearby state parks and forests, state police, highway departments, Cleveland ARTCC air frequencies, operations at Erie and Jamestown airports, and much more. For more details on the areas and agencies I listen to, see the page titled “Areas and Agencies I Monitor.”

The purpose of this site is for me to have an outlet for my often limited but still useful knowledge on scanning in the Erie, PA area.  I currently monitor with two scanners, Uniden BCT8 and Uniden BCT15X, at home, and a GRE PSR500, a portable radio, for mobile operations.  As a side note, I also own a pair of Motorola FRS/GMRS radios, an NOAA Weather Radio, several amateur (ham) transceivers (as I am a ham radio operator), and two Sony ICD digital voice recorders (one PX-820 and one PX-312) for taping interesting radio traffic.  My scanners are fed by a Watson WAN RS 97A window mounted antenna located in an east-facing picture window of my home.

You can use the other “permanent page” links in this menu for finding useful information in the area for scanning.  This includes frequency lists for the various counties I monitor, and other tips and helpful information to help your scanning hobby be as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.  Also featured are marine, aviation, statewide, and federal frequencies.

The posts section is the best way to find out what’s going on with the latest news in the scanner hobby.  I will publish alerts when major incidents are going on.  I also publish complete descriptions of major incidents after the fact or if I hear it on recording versus live.  I also hope to feature recorded audio off my scanner of interesting events such as fires, pursuits, shootings, SAR’s, and very interesting skywarn nets.  If any major events happen nationwide, I’ll alert you to them as well.  Local monitoring details, such as frequency changes, system upgrades, car renumbering, etc., will also be featured.

You need to remember that I am only one person and do not do this full-time.  I am a teen in school and often have very little time to monitor the scanner due to school, extracurriculars, and daily life in general.  I also have two other blogs I try to keep updated and interesting for faithful audiences.  There are likely, no, certainly hundreds of awesome calls I miss.  However, you need to remember that I’m doing my best.  Weekends, holidays, and the summer will be the most active.

If you would like to help me out with the site, please contact me, and I would be happy to give you the necessary information so you can co-author the pages with me.  I would love the help.

Have fun checking out the rest of the site.  I hope the information I provide is useful to you! Be sure to leave any questions or comments as replies to my posts…  I love feedback!

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  1. Mike permalink

    Could you recommend a scanner for a beginner? Just something easy to get started.


    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for finding ScanningEriePA!

      If you’re using this site I assume you are in the Erie PA area.

      I am not at all familiar with all available radios, but I can recommend a few.

      If you are within the city and want a portable scanner that’s easy to use, sleek and updated with features, I’d recommend the GRE PSR-500. It’a good radio that you can take on the go with you, and if you read the manual you’ll be fine. For a scanner the cost is not rediculous either.

      Amazon is selling them now for 449.99 dollars.

      There is also a base version of this radio, the PSR-600, that I have never used, but I think it works pretty much the same. It would be more useful if you’ll be using the radio stationary in your home or if you want a better antenna (that is, if you live outside of the immediate area of the traffic you want to hear.)

      Amazon says they’re out of stock right now but the price is the same.

      If you want something cheaper, I have the Uniden BCT8. It’s pretty outdated by now and if you want to do any trunking I wouldn’t recommend it. However for quick and easy programming of conventional freqs like those for Erie PD, Erie FD, county fire, ham radio or Coast Guard, it’s pretty good. No bells and whistles, just plain and simple. It might become useless if everyone goes trunked but for now it’s a relatively cheap and easy start. I’ve have mine for many years and have been greatly satisfied.

      I don’t even see one on Amazon but they’re usually about 170 dollars.

      I would also recommend singing up for a free membership to RadioReference.
      Once a member you can post to their extensive collection of forums and get help with anything radio from thousands of experts in the hobby–folks who have been doing it a lot longer than me.

      If you give me a little more info on where in the area you live and what you want to listen to I can recommend a few more radios.

      Good luck and thanks for using the site! I’m always here for questions!

  2. nickonnature permalink

    Mike–I got your reply but I don’t see it now. If you live in Harborcreek you should do good on marine with a pretty simple antenna. I use my BCT-8 that I recommended for marine and it works very nicely. It has 5 priority channels so you can put ch. 16, ch. 21, or whatever so that thaffic on those channels will always be heard, even if another channel is being monitored. The number scheme of the scanner from 1-250 also makes it easy to assign a numbered marine channel to a numbered memory, for easy access (of all, I would make sure channel 16 is in spot 16 on your scanner–believe me, it helps!)

    Like I said the BCT-8 is getting old and sells for about 170 dollars. You won’t get much cheaper than that for scanners. And if you like the hobby, this radio can also handle all local freqs at this time.

    I wouldn’t discard other newer models of Uniden or those from RadioShack. I have never used one and can’t say I recommend them for that reason, but as I said before the folks on RadioReference can assist you there if you want to know more.

    The bottom line is that just about any radio can do what you’re looking for, it’s just finding one in your budget range.

    Feel free to look through my frequency pages, I even have a marine one! Also pardon any spelling errors–I’m typing this mobile.

    HTH… ScanningEriePA
    PS Let me know if there’s anything else I can do!

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