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Radio Codes & Lingo

Page last updated on 08-13-14.

The following is a sampling of some of the more common radio codes that you might hear in scanner transmissions while monitoring.  This is NOT a full list of radio codes you will hear on-air; it is just a splattering of some of the more common ones.  I will update this list with new codes as I hear them and figure out their meanings.  If you have a question about a certain radio code you’ve heard, leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you.  Also leave a comment if you have any additions or corrections to the list.

Universal Radio Codes

There aren’t very many radio codes that are the same everywhere, but these ones should be universal nationwide.

10-04: okay/message received

10-07: out of service

10-08: in service

10-20: location (often shortened to just “20,” as in “what’s your 20?”)

GOA: gone on arrival

UTL: unable to locate

MVA: motor vehicle accident

MVA-PI: may not be used everywhere, but locally refers to a car accident with personal injuries

Erie Police Department Radio Codes

The Erie City Police Department have a ton of codes they use on-air.  The ones here are some of the more common ones.

These codes I have verified personally by listening to radio traffic.  I did some verification using a list on the web from ScanErie, but that page now appears to have been taken down.  I am unable to find another page with that information on it at this point; if anyone has one they know of, please let me know.

Please note that “codes” can also be referred to as “signals.”

Code 5: robbery

Code 5A: robbery in progress

Code 10: demented/bipolar person (mental)

Code 14: drunk person

Code 26: person armed with gun

Code 26A: person armed with knife

Code 41: stolen auto

Code 44: wanted person

Code 47: traffic stop

10-13: deceased

10-15: prison in custody

10-17: lunch

10-29: driver status/registration (as in “check 10-29 on…”)

10-30: warrant check (as in “check for 10-30’s on…”)

Act 64: drug activity

“Hold the air” or “Clear the air”: dispatch channel clear for emergency traffic only.  Signified by a “beep” transmitted every few seconds.

Chautauqua County Sheriff and Fire Codes

The following radio codes may be heard on Chautauqua County Sheriff or fire frequencies.

Find a more complete code list from WikiPedia at this page:

Alternatively there is a listing under “Feed Notes” on this page, I find this second source to be more accurate and complete, but use a combination because each has its faults.

10-07: out of service

10-08: in service

10-09: repeat

10-13: motor vehicle accident

10-13 PI: auto accident with injuries

10-16: youth

10-17: burglary

10-18: call by phone

10-22: alarm

10-23: domestic

10-24: fight

10-58: prisoner transport

10-61: on location (sometimes just “61”)

10-65: attempt to locate

10-80: okay (often heard as in “car X, are you 10-80?”)

10-98: assignment/call complete

NY State Thruway Radio Codes

These I got off the RadioReference Wiki, but that page no longer exists.  It being a Wiki site, some codes may be incorrect, and now that the page is gone I have no way to verify any.

Signal 55: location

AA: auto accident

DV: disabled vehicle

Red Flash: channel cleared for emergency transmissions only

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