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Erie County, PA Frequencies and Monitoring Info

Last updated on 08-05-13.

Erie County, PA is the area I listen to most on my scanners from Ripley, NY, right on the Chautauqua-Erie county border.  While it’s definitely not the most active area in the state, it provides lots of interesting stuff to monitor if you have the right frequencies! I like to take the portable to town, for listening to the police in particular.

To monitor in Erie County, PA, you don’t need any specific type of radio, nor anything fancy for an antenna.  A five-bank scanner should provide enough space and options for you to listen to the county, however, I prefer the new dynamic memory or Scanlist scanners because they provide a flexible way to organize your channels.  If you’re only interested in public safety, you’ll need a scanner that can receive 33 MHZ; 151 to 160 MHZ; and 453 to 463 MHZ, which is basically all scanners.  You may also want to listen to other active bands in the county, which include aircraft (including Erie Intl.  Airport) between 118 and 137 MHZ; two-meter ham radio between 144 and 148 MHZ; railroads in the 160 MHZ area; 70 CM ham radio in the area of 440 MHZ; and marine traffic, including the US Coast Guard “Station Erie” in the 156 to 158 MHZ range.  There are no public safety trunked systems in the county.

Click on the below links to find out more information about scanning in Erie county, including monitoring tips and frequency lists!

Erie County Police and Law Enforcement Monitoring Information and Frequencies:

Erie County Fire and EMS Monitoring Information and Frequencies:

Amateur radio information for Erie County:

Aviation Monitoring Notes and Frequencies for Erie County, including Erie Intl. Airport:

The miscellaneous,  areawide collections of frequencies may also provide other channels you might want to monitor.


These frequencies are what I personally monitor for Erie County, PA.  You may not want to monitor all these frequencies; likewise, you may want more frequencies that I do not have in my scanners.

Most of these frequencies have come from RadioReference’s databases.  Other bits and pieces of information have been gathered from other sources over the years and from my own experiences in radio monitoring.

For more information on Erie, PA frequencies, see these pages:

Erie County, PA RadioReference Frequency Page:

PA DCNR Frequency Page from RadioReference (statewide):

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