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Recent Shack News on Erie Co. Skywarn, Public Safety

July 29, 2014

Erie County Skywarn activated on Sunday, Jul. 27, 2014 for a few strong thunderstorms that tracked through the area between about 6:00 PM and 7:15 PM. I was net control of the activation, and ran a very successful net with a good check in count and an orderly, professional net. There was only one observer that noted anything severe, in the Greene Twp. area. A measured one-hour rainfall of 1.20 inches was noted there, along with pea sized hail and estimated 50 MPH winds. None of the storms turned severe, however flooding was a concern prompting a flash flood watch for the area. Heavy rains remained a threat well after the storms had passed, due to cold air and a lake response through Sunday night and Monday.

If you are interested in receiving audio of this net, please comment and let me know, and I will send you the recording, which is 1:06:22 in length.

In other news, several frequencies in Erie county have been experiencing some interference issues recently. On numerous occasions recently, I have noted a humming, buzzing sound on the Erie police dispatch channel that sounds either like a dial tone or buzzing of a touch-tone phone. Officers and dispatchers are aware of the situation, but no one seems to know if it is intentional interference or some other problem with the radio system. Dispatching is often being moved to an alternate channel when the interference occurs to allow communications to continue. I have not monitored this department in a few days, and at this point I am not sure if the interference continues to be an issue or not.

Also, a scanner listener in the area reported that Millcreek Township fire dispatch has been having interference issues on their Presque Isle ops channel, 453.3375. It is apparently a daily occurrence of frequent loud buzzing that does not permit regular communications to continue. The reader also said that it occasionally pops up on the primary dispatch channel of 453.500. I have not personally monitored this interference taking place, and do not know whether it is the same sort of thing as Erie police or a different issue. No word right now on what is causing the problem, but the reader reports that the 911 center is aware of the problem and will be taking steps to fix it in the near future.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions about these or other Erie area scanner topics here on the site!


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