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Chautauqua County Fire and EMS

Last updated on 07-27-13.

This page contains information on monitoring fire and EMS communications in Chautauqua County, NY.  It includes monitoring tips, agency information and frequencies you’ll need to get the most out of scanning the fire and EMS bands in the county.


Chautauqua County is covered almost entirely by volunteer fire departments with the exceptions of the cities of Jamestown and Dunkirk/Fredonia.  These agencies operate on several 46 Mhz simplex frequencies.  They provide fire and EMS services to all areas of the county.

Much like the county sheriff, fire units need to be very close to you to hear their transmission.  My BCT8 doesn’t handle low-band very well, so depending on your radio you also may have trouble hearing the dispatcher.  (My BCT15X and PSR-500 both do much better.) Unit numbers are the station number followed by an individual number (usually between 1 and 4.) You can see a list of all departments and station numbers by following the link under the “SOURCES/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” section on the main page for the county.

A great way to see how good you can receive Chautauqua County fire traffic is to listen to “channel 2” (46.14) on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM.  At that time, the dispatcher taps out the tones for all departments in the county, and they must respond to the test.  This is a great way to see both how well you can receive the dispatcher and the replying stations.

All dispatches, including pager tones, will be broadcast on 46.14.  After that, you will not hear anything else about the call on that channel.  All other operations are on 46.10.  I often leave a radio standing by on 46.14 waiting for a call, and then switch to 46.10 when one happens.  46.22 is a frequency used statewide for fire mobile to mobile, and is also used for fireground in Chautauqua County.

Chautauqua County Fire Departments Frequencies

Freq (MHZ): channel/usage: repeater/simplex (r equals repeater, s equals simplex)

46.14: Chautauqua county fire paging and fire dispatch (channel 2): s

46.10: Chautauqua County fire main operations/response channel: s

46.22: Statewide fire mobiles, used by Chau.  units for fireground: s


The cities of Jamestown, Dunkirk, and Fredonia have their own frequencies on which they can operate for fire communications.  All dispatching and operating takes place on these frequencies.  Jamestown and Dunkirk are dispatched by the main county dispatcher in Mayville; Fredonia fire is self-dispatched.  Depending on your antenna, you may hear very little traffic here if you are not in or very near the city.  Lakewood also has a frequency listed for their department specifically, but they are dispatched on the county system.  I am too far from the area to hear if their department freq is in use. City Fire Department Frequencies

Freq (MHZ): channel/usage: repeater/simplex (r equals repeater, s equals simplex)

46.44: Jamestown Fire Department: s

46.18: Lakewood VFD: s

46.12: Dunkirk Fire Department: s

45.6: Fredonia Fire Department: s


An EMS agency known as Alstar Ambulance operates in Chautauqua County to provide paramedic services to the more populated areas of Dunkirk and Jamestown.  Their services are often used in conjunction with the EMS crews of the volunteer fire department that covers the area in which the call occurs, or as the sole EMS provider where there are no volunteer fire departments available.  In the more rural areas of the county, the volunteers are the only EMS there is.  Alstar dispatches and operates its medics on the Med.  10 frequency.  Unless you live in Dunkirk, Jamestown, or their suburbs and surroundings, you might not need this channel; if anything major happens, the fire departments will respond as well.

Chautauqua County also operates a repeater on Med.  2 for ambulances to call in patient reports to the county’s hospitals so the medical staff are prepared when the ambulance arrives.  There are 8 med.  channels, but as far as I know Med.  2 is the only one used in this county.

Alstar Ambulance and County EMS Frequencies

Freq (MHZ): channel/usage: repeater/simplex (r equals repeater, s equals simplex)

463.025: Med.  2 amb to hosp: r

462.975: Alstar EMS dispatch, Dunkirk and Jamestown (Med.  10): r

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