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This page will always be listed here at the top of the site. If anyone sees any incorrect information anywhere on the site, I encourage you to post a comment to this page to let me know, so I can update the information. Alternatively you can always post to the page/post where the incorrect data is found.

Additionally, if you have any questions or comments relating to anything on the site, please post them here. Again, you can also post to one of the other posts/pages.

I run this site, but if we all chip in a little (i.e. making me aware of an incorrect freq, alerting us to a trunked system changeover, helping another user, etc) the site can be a much better place!



Please note that completed or resolved discussions that remain of interest or use to the site community are now being archived separately to cut down on the clutter in this area. Please follow this link for archived information.

  1. Hi Nick, This is Terry W2REA from the CCAFMA Club. I just discovered your website after following a link from There is a lot of good information on the site. Keep it up! I have been a scanner listener since the early 1970’s. I started listening on a Realistic Patrolman radio and then an old Bearcat crystal scanner. After listening to the scanner as a kid I thought that being a police officer sounded like a pretty cool job, so my hobby lead me into a career in law enforcement. I still listen to the scanner, but not usually law enforcement anymore. I thought you might be interested to know that I provide the feed for Jamestown on Hopefully we can chat sometime on one of the ham bands about our shared interest. 73/Terry

    • Hi Terry: good to see you found my site, and I’m glad you liked it! I am on RR as “Eriepascannist,” I think I linked over here in my signature. That is very interesting about your hobby and subsequent career. I spent my entire 5th grade year at school listening to PD/FD on my teacher’s scanner in the classroom, he is a volunteer FF for Sherman. That is what really got me interested, and I’ve got 3 radios now. That’s also what led me to ham radio.

      I love that RR feed as well–I use it often!

      I made this site in hopes of providing a more user-friendly approach to scanner monitoring, with actual narratives and not just a frequency list. I’m sure you know a lot more than I do, so if you ever see anything incorrect or incomplete on here feel free to let me know.

      I’d love to chat with you on .94 or the likes sometime. I’m on .67 most of the time because the local repeaters are pretty quiet.

      Good to hear from you!

  2. Terry Rea permalink

    Nick, JPD is still on the old frequency, not sure what the hold up is for the new system. I will let you know as soon as we change over.

    I was wondering if you have ever heard of an air to air aviation frequency that airline pilots call mickey mouse? It is fun to listen to because it is just general chit chat between pilots. It sounds like a CB channel sometimes and it is fairly busy. The frequency is 123.450 AM.

    • Terry: Thank you for the update on JPD. Let me know when something changes.

      I have monitored 123.45 in the past, I’ve never heard it called that before but you’re right, there are some interesting conversations there! If my memory serves me 123.425 is another freq that experiences similar activity, again I might be remembering wrong. Just stick those guys in whenever the air gets a little dead and it spruces monitoring right up!

      Thanks again Terry–we’ll have to QSO on 79 or something sometime, or 52 if the band allows.

  3. Tom Pamin permalink

    I just realized I’m not hearing anything on the 4 frequencies for Presque Isle. No rangers, no lifeguards, no maintenance, nothing. I know you were looking into possible changes to this system awhile ago. Do you have any updates as to where the channels moved to?

  4. Tom Pamin permalink

    Do you have any contacts at Presque Isle you could ask?

  5. Tom Pamin permalink

    Is your site still active? I don’t seem to be getting any responses to my posts. In any case, here’s the info on the PI system, right from the source:

    • Hi Tom,
      I’m truly sorry I didn’t get back to you on your inquiries. Yes the site remains active, I just haven’t had any time to keep it that way. We should be on the way to more frequent updates now with summer upon us.

      I was following your “adventures” looking into P.I. freqs on that RR thread, and you certainly got great info. I’ll update the site with that. Last I knew they were still going to use the VHF links to 800 MHZ, but apparently I was mistaken. Perhaps due to the flat nature of the park’s landscape they had no problems with 800 throughout the park and no need for VHF. I assume lifeguards remain on VHF, although I can’t confirm that and don’t know what freq they would be using. But portables on the system are VHF (to my knowledge anyway).

      Thanks again for your research and be sure to let us know if you discover anything further. I’ll keep following your RR thread as well.


  6. Tom Pamin permalink

    I updated the RR thread and others have added comments too.

    • Thanks. If you do that pay close attention to 151.4, that’s what they’re “supposed” to be using for lifeguards. Perhaps they don’t use a repeater and use that freq direct… I’m not sure.

      Good detective work! šŸ™‚

  7. Tom Pamin permalink

    Tried Close Call yesterday for a couple hours down there. No hits on any frequency. Not sure what that means. They always used a repeater before – I have to think they still would be.

    • I would imagine they still use a repeater. Handhelds would be tough to get good coverage throughout the entire park and back to headquarters without one. However I’m mystified as to what they are using. As someone posted on the RR thread lifeguards probably don’t do a ton of transmitting so maybe you were just there at a dead time…? An idea might be around 19:30 when the lifeguards get off duty (at least they used to.( There always was some activity around that time.

      If you learn anything keep us posted.

  8. Tom Pamin permalink

    Seemed like ideal conditions to hear them. Also several lifeguard vehicles were driving around. I should have heard something in 2 hours.

    Also, the rangers don’t check in with Millcreek PD at night like before. Millcreek always covered them and did radio location checks on the hour. Not happening any more. Probably since Millcreek can’t monitor them on 800 either. Guess they gave up the safety of being covered by Millcreek so they could be on their own private system. Seems like a bad choice, just so the public can’t listen to them anymore.

    • You may want to try listening on 159.345 and 159.42 MHZ, those are listed in an FCC license as simplex freqs for lifeguards. Don’t know if they are actually being used but they’re on the license.

      I did notice that the rangers don’t utilize M.P.D. at night any longer. I agree that’s a bad idea, at night on your own private system that no one else can monitor just doesn’t sound good. This Opensky system was supposed to make statewide interop easier but it sure seems to be doing quite the opposite. Not to mention all the problems that come with such a system to begin with.

      Ahh, the new age of radio.

  9. Tom Pamin permalink

    Now I’m wondering if the Coast Guard has changed frequencies too. I don’t think I’m hearing them anymore on 157.05 and 157.075, even though those are their standard freqs. They should be pretty busy this time of year. Any comments?

    • Hi Tom:
      The Coast Guard has not changed frequencies, and continues to operate on their standard VHF marine channel plan.

      One channel you left out of your post but will definitely want to monitor is 156.8 channel 16. This is the international calling and distress frequency, and vessels in distress will call here for Coast Guard assistance. It is pretty active, especially this time of year.

      Also, 157.1 (channel 22) would be a good one to have, as CG often conducts safety and “be-on-the-lookout” broadcasts here.

      Channel 21, 157.05, is the one I have found to be most active with CG units, so I would focus your listening here and on channel 16.

      I have been hearing frequent activity on these frequencies from CG stations, as recently as today, so I am sure they are still in operation. CG coms are simplex, and if your signal reception was a bit weak in the past, weather conditions, obstructions to reception, etc. could have blotted out your signal.

      You can check out my marine monitoring page for the entire VHF marine spectrum. I have all these in my scanner and it’s never quiet for long!

      Hope this helps, and let me know if you can figure anything out or if I can be of any more assistance to you.

      • Tom Pamin permalink

        I put channels 21, 22, and 23 in my scanner. I have heard traffic on 21 and 22, but not from Erie. Last night there was a search going on, and the helo from Detroit was talking to Buffalo. They also asked about refueling in Erie. I heard nothing from Station Erie. I’m still not sure that the Erie station still has an active radio?

      • Hi Tom,
        That’s too bad about the Starnet radio. I’ll keep an ear out for any opportunities but as I said I haven’t heard of any.

        Station Erie does still have active radios, I hear them quite regularly on the CG working channels. But as I described in the page I linked to you, we are under the jurisdiction of Sector Buffalo as well as Station Erie. Other stations up and down the lake shore also have radios but also fall under Buffalo’s control. Most large searches on the lake will feature Buffalo handling them. Don’t assume that because you hear Buffalo on an incident that it is not local. Erie will handle incidents but Buffalo handles far more.

        I hope that made sense, I am not 100 percent sure how it is determined who handles what traffic in the CG. I do know that though Erie has plenty of activity, Buffalo handles far more incidents down here.

        Don’t forget about channel 16 either–that’s where vessels in distress will hail the CG. Depending on your setup you might be able to hear Sector Detroit and several Canadaian CG stations here as well–it’s always bustling on 16!

        Feel free to fire any other questions at me, I’m happy to help or assist you if I can.


  10. Tom Pamin permalink

    Really missing monitoring the Presque Isle freqs this summer. Is there any possible way of buying a radio somewhere that can monitor the PA Starnet system? Cost is not an issue.

    • Tom: Unfortunately there are no scanners on the market at this time that are capable of monitoring the Starnet system. That means that Presque Isle, PSP and all are off limits for now. Hopefully something comes along eventually (and I’m sure it will in time), but for now, no, there is really nothing that can be done.

  11. Tom Pamin permalink

    I was aware there are no scanners. I was hoping here was some way to buy one of the actual portables that agencies like Presque Isle use, maybe with the transmit disabled?

    • That I am unsure of. I can’t say it isn’t possible, but I haven’t personally heard of it done. They might not mind the idea, they might not like it–tough to say. You might be looking at a pretty high price tag though. The only certain way to find that out would be to inquire with someone over at P.I. and see what they say.

      • Tom Pamin permalink

        I did email the contact at PI. about buying a radio. I got no response so far. Guess the answer is no.

      • Tom Pamin permalink

        I found 2 listings on eBay for possible radios:

        I asked both sellers questions and got these replies:
        1. No, this radio does not have OpenSky digital capabilities to it. You would need to purchase a model P7200, P7300, or P5300 (and higher) that has the OpenSky feature installed in it, as well as the radio being registered on the specific system you wanted to monitor, in order to listen in on the radio traffic. Their are older radios that have OpenSky installed in them, but they are almost impossible to find, and I’m not sure of the model number for that type of radio.

        2. Thanks for the question, but I’m not sure if any additional programming would be required.. I did include the complete option list in the auction description – I’m pretty sure you can use that information to ask Tyco/Harris tech support the answer to your exact question (so they can 100% assure you it will work).

        So, a little more to go on, but nothing here to guarantee that any radio will work.

  12. To Tom and anyone else that has been following the Coast Guard discussion:

    I have recently come across a thread on the RadioReference forums with a user here in Sector Buffalo reporting that he was still hearing communications between the Coast Guard and civilian boats, but that inner-Coast Guard traffic had disappeared from his monitoring. It was advised in the thread, which I was unaware of, that the Coast Guard has recently been beginning to utilize a new P25 digital radio system. I still frequently hear CG communications on the regular VHF marine channels, but these channels may provide more communications to monitor.

    I do not have a P25 scanner, but anyone who does, monitor as many of these as you can and see what is active. I recommend the VHF Nationwide LMR and UHF Nationwide LMR frequency lists. Plug them also in and see what you hear!

    Perhaps this is where some of the activity has gone. As I stated, I don’t think all communications are here, because I have still been frequently monitoring the CG, but it may be a good place to look.

  13. Tom Pamin permalink

    Thanks for the new info. I have put all of the CG freqs in both my BCD996XT scanners from the MT site:

    I’ll let you know what I hear.

    • Thank you very much. I was unaware that the CG was doing P25 on those LMR systems. I’ll add anything you confirm to the Marine page here on the site for local use; they had some sectors confirmed on the Wiki but the closest one I saw was Detroit, no Buffalo sector or Sta. Erie.

      Also thank you for the update on Starnet radios. On reading the first reply I did remember that starnet radios must be “registered” with the system, they don’t just tune to the freqs like a scanner will.

      Good luck on your radio hunt and thank you very much!

    • Tom Pamin permalink

      Also put all the CG freqs in my BC396T, so i’m listening quite a lot. All I’ve heard so far is a loud continuous buzz on 406.8125 that lasts about 5 minutes at a time. Sounds kind of like a control channel buzz on a trunk system, but that shouldn’t be the case here?

      • No, I am unaware of any trunked systems in that area, but it is a federal band and I suppose it is certainly possible. That band is not only marine but other government services as well. Or it might be a system out of Canada?

        Thanks for listening and keeping us posted!

      • Tom Pamin permalink

        Still nothing heard for the Erie CG. Just a little static and a medical station from Canada. I do hear Buffalo CG on 156.80, but not Erie. I would think Erie would have to be transmitting at least on 156.8 to talk to local boats?

      • Well again, Buffalo is not just a “station” like Erie is, they are also a “sector” so we are under their jurisdiction as well in this part of the lake. As I understand it all of the U.S. waters of Lake Erie are covered by only 2 “sectors”–Buffalo for the eastern half and Detroit on the western half. Then under each sector is the stations–Cleveland, Ashtabula, Erie, etc. From what I have seen the sectors handle a lot more traffic in any given day than the individual stations do. Usually if there is any kind of emergency broadcast going out it is with the sectors. The sectors will also frequently talk to local boats as well that are in distress, and they will be the ones coordinating SAR’s as well.

        In short, the sectors are just simply more active. It does sound a little odd that you aren’t hearing anything from Erie though. I’ll record the marine channels 16, 21, 22 and 23 today and see if there’s anything there.

  14. Tom Pamin permalink

    Last evening I did hear Erie CG on 156.8 and 157.10. They were weak and scratchy, and only talked for a minute. Also heard some loud static, like they were using scrambling also. Maybe they aren’t using new freqs after all. I’ll continue listening.

    • Yes definitely keep me posted. From what I read the new freqs were being used in conjunction with the existing VHF spectrum.

      • Tom Pamin permalink

        One correction – I heard them on 157.05, not 156.80.

      • Thank you–that is ch. 21 and is most commonly used by Erie. I would focus your listening around that freq if you are looking for transmissions from the Erie station.

    • Tom Pamin permalink

      This marks the end of my experiment of monitoring all the new CG freqs. I’ve heard Erie CG a few times on the original channels of 156.8 and 157.05. So I’m assuming they are still using those. I’ve heard nothing on the new freqs but some noise and a couple Canadian stations. I’m now going to add back all the original CG VHF freqs and just go from there.

      • Thanks for your dedicated research Tom. It does sound like, at least for now, the USCG around here is still utilizing the VHF freqs for the most part, if not exclusively. It wouldn’t surprise me at all though if this is by far not the last time we hear about those new freqs.

        Erie CG was putting out regular broadcasts one evening last week (maybe Wednesday) around 21:00 for a possible ship on fire off Presque Isle, that was the most recent traffic I heard from them on 16 although I have been away from the radio for a while.

        Thanks again for your work, and let me know of anything else you find or anything I can do to help!

  15. I’m looking for some freq. feedback on reported channels in use by Erie co. fire departments. Any thoughts?

  16. To all following the USCG conversation:
    A RadioReference forums user over the weekend reported that Buffalo sector Coast Guard, which covers our local area, is now active on a freq. of 173.5375 MHZ, in P25 mode. I don’t have P25 capability here so I am unable to check this freq. for confirmation, but those interested in marine and Coast Guard monitoring might want to check this out. I will add it to our database with confirmation.

    • Tom Pamin permalink

      I’m now hearing Erie CG talk to their ships on 16, and then say “Switch and answer on primary”. I have all CG freqs in, but I don’t hear them go to another channel. Any ideas?

      • That one has mystified me for a while, Tom. I always assumed “Primary” would be 21, as that is their main “working channel.” But I never hear the ship or CG come up there on 21 afterword, and a minute or two later the ship will be calling again on 16, with the same response from CG.

        So in short, no, I don’t know what they refer to as “primary.” It could be some government band freq outside of the marine spectrum, or possibly something in the P25 network not yet listed.

  17. Tom Pamin permalink

    Just came across this Radio Reference forum thread on OpenSky in PA. Pretty interesting stuff. Here’s just one excerpt from May:

    “I had the opportunity to meet with the chief of site development and maintenance for PSP today. After discussing a number of agenda items in regards to tower sites in Montgomery Co, I received the latest information in regards to OpenSky, PSP, VHF etc. As we know these types of systems and their design change over time but as of today here is the latest.

    -A 10 site 700Mhz system was specially built for aviation use throughout the state. They are currently getting 99.5% coverage in the entire state from aircraft at a flight level of 100ft or greater. The OpenSky system does not like when subscriber units affiliate with multiple tower sites. To get around this problem the 700MHz system was built.

    -PSP is moving forward with the buildout of a VHF system. In most parts of the state it will be a FB or simplex operation. In the Northern part of the state it will be a VHF trunked system. Some sites in the state will be a FB2 or repeater operation.

    -Plans are being prepared and a presentation is being formed to present to the legislature for more money. The additional funds are being targeted to decommission the OpenSky system and migrate to a P25 Phase 2 platform. All radios being purchased from Harris have to be OpenSky and P25 capable. The older radios in the fleet, which are OpenSky only, are already being replaced once their life expectancy is over with the P25 capable gear.

    -In many parts of the state “hard” patches have been established to allow county level systems access into the OpenSky system. Similar “hard” patches are being planned for the new Berks, Chester and Montgomery systems.”

    Sounds promising for things to get back to the way they were in a few years!

  18. Tom Pamin permalink

    More scanner news:
    Whistler, the makers behind numerous radar detectors and other electronic products, has acquired GRE’s technical assets and plans to produce scanners for Radio Shack.

    Whistler Group | High Performance Radar Detectors and Electronics

    The following models will be manufactured for Radio Shack by Whistler:

    PRO-652 – identical to the previous PRO-197 model. Digital trunking full coverage base scanner
    PRO-651 – identical to the previous PRO-106 model. Digital trunking full coverage handheld scanner
    PRO-650 – identical to the previous PRO-405 model. Analog base scanner, 25-512 MHz only
    PRO-649 – identical to the previous PRO-404 model. Analog handheld scanner, 25-512 MHz only

    No words yet on backwards compatibility with the previous models with regards to programming, software, etc.

    Also, we’ve received no details on the status of the PSR-800/PSR-900 series radios that came pre-programmed with the RR database and support for Project 25 Phase II systems.

  19. Hi, Tom, and sorry about the delayed response. Thank you for both of those updates. I’m going to subscribe to that RR thread to keep abreast of those developments–interesting stuff for sure. PA. has put so much money into these systems, and we’re still not finished with the “improvements!”

    Keep us posted!

  20. Tom Pamin permalink

    Here’s another good article on OpenSky. Lots of problems back in 2012 too:

  21. Tom Pamin permalink

    for those of you who read popular communications magazine, big changes are in the works. it’s going digital, as a supplement? to cq magazine. don’t know about you, but i just hate trying to read magazines online.

    • It’s not necessarily all bad for everyone though! Us blind/visually impaired radio enthusiasts often find it difficult to obtain the same content in an accessible form as is available in print. It might be harder for some folks to read, but I’m happy for it at the same time!

      And also to anyone interested W2LIE is in fact hosting his “New Years from the director’s chair” again this year for ABC at Time Square. It’s a riot to listen to and it only gets better up til midnight! Check it out!

      Happy New Year!!

      • T Rea permalink

        Thanks for the link Nick, very cool.

        73/Terry w2rea

      • My pleasure Terry! Phil hosts that feed annually, it’s become a staple for me every New Year. Plus, with the minor delay due to the Internet, you can do your own celebrating at midnight and still hear the feed as the new year rolls in a few seconds later.

        Happy New Year, 73,

      • T Rea permalink

        Okay Nick Happy New Year to you. As you can see I am off tonight, thank god! I listened to a new York city feed on new years eve before, I remember one of the officers saying over the radio “does anyone know what time the ball drops” . It was hilarious.


      • That is pretty good! RadioReference has the NYPD S.O.D. feed up all the time, that is one of the best ones to listen to on New Years and all year round! I was really tired last night and didn’t make it for the ball drop–I’m sure I missed all the good stuff on the scanner. But I personally recorded my scanner here and I’ll peruse the archives on RR for various cities also, to see what happened.

        The early impressions I’ve gotten though, without doing too much digging, is that most of America welcomed in 2014 with out too much incident.


  22. Mike Anderson permalink

    General Classes will begin on February 21, 2014 at 10 am to 12 pm on Monday and Friday.

    For more information contact Craig Hill below.

    Location is at the Greene Township Municipal Building 9333 Tate Rd. Room #114, Erie, PA 16509.

    If you are interested in becoming a Ham or upgrading let us know by contacting Craig Hill below.

    So what are you waiting for? Email us so you can get on the air.

    Technician, General, and Extra offered

    Email for Info!

    Practical Info for new hams and old hams alike! Questions? Come learn!

    Email us for details. Craig Hill Instructor

    Use the Southeast entrance close to the playground at the Municipal Building to room #114.

  23. Tom Pamin permalink

    Do you know what the frequent loud buzz is on the Millcreek Fire/EMS freq. of 453.337? It’s supposed to be their Presque Isle freq., but the buzz prevents monitoring it. Scary thing is I’m now hearing it once in awhile on their main dispatch of 453.50.

    • Tom,
      I don’t often monitor Millcreek FD as they only come in marginally out here, but I have had that freq. open for some time now and haven’t noted anything. However I think I know the noise–I heard a similar loud buzzing sound on Erie PD channel 1 for the last week or so at times, especially in the evening. It sounds like a DTMF tone from a touch-tone phone, or a dial tone. It comes and goes intermittently, some nights it’s terrible and others it never shows up. Assuming we are referring to the same thing, I don’t know if it is some sort of intentional interference, or a problem with the system at the 911 center. I know the dispatchers are aware of it, but it really is terrible and can be a safety hazard also, as you eluded to. It sounds kind of like someone causing trouble to me, but I can’t say for sure and that would just be my best guess.

      I hadn’t noted the buzzing yet on the MFD freqs, keep me posted if you continue hearing it as I’m curious now more than ever what’s going on.

      BTW the freq is 453.3375 narrowband, although I’m sure you hear it just fine by simply monitoring .337.


  24. Tom Pamin permalink

    It is just a loud buzzing. It’s on 453.3375 every day. I have to lock it out. I did hear them say last week it isn’t working and they are trying to fix it. I don’t know if they meant the buzzing or what.

    • That sounds different than what I was thinking of. I’ve been listening to that freq since I read your post yesterday, and haven’t heard anything so far. I must be out of range–although I thought I could always hear it before.

      It sounds like they are probably aware of it, I haven’t heard it though, to make a better guess on what it could be. It still sounds similar to what E.P.D. had, but that was more of a dial-tone or touch-tone type buzz. I wish I had a recording of it to post, so you could compare it to what you’re hearing.

      Perhaps I’ll hear it this evening, when reception propagation improves.


  25. Tom Pamin permalink

    Here’s where to find a copy of the recommendations for a new Erie County radio system:

  26. Tom Pamin permalink

    Dunkirk Police, Fire and EMS has been added online:

  27. Tom Pamin permalink

    Is this site still active? Haven’t seen much activity in a few months.

    • Tom, I apologizw for the absence for so long and for not seeing your comments previously. Yes I am still here and monitoring the airwaves as always. I just haven’t had a lot of time for new content with a lot going on right now and life getting so busy. I am going to try to get back into publishing new content for the site in the near future. All the frequency pages are still up to date (to my knowledge) as I have been making sure of that.

      So hopefully there will be more coming soon! Thanks for your interest and continued assistance, it is greatly appreciated!


      • Tom Pamin permalink

        Good to hear from you again! One thing I just became aware of in your aviation
        listings. Frequency 130.1 is now used by Piedmont (US Airways) and
        Endeavor/ExpressJet (Delta).

      • Thanks for that update Tom! I have recently become more interested in monitoring aviation and have been having some fun with it myself. I like 121.0 and 127.075 because I can hear both sides of the conversation on those freqs. I keep one radio dedicated to 121.0 most of the time. ATC is a great way to gain weather info too, my other passion/hobby!

        If you or any readers like listening to ATC then I highly suggest LiveATC.
        You can listen to air traffic from across the US and the world along with forums and interesting user-submitted recordings.


  28. Tom Pamin permalink

    What is on 127.075? Cleveland Center?

    • Yes that is Cleveland Center for part of this area, on the RR database it is listed as Waterford. You can see all the Cleveland freqs here:

      On my aviation pages I have a list of all the ones I typically monitor. Another good one for me over to the east of Erie is 125.2 which is Cleveland ARTCC-Dunkirk. Planes are often handed off to them from departures at Buffalo.

      In other news, do you know the status of a new radio system being designed/built for Erie County? I read a lot about the possibilities a few months back but have heard very little since then.

  29. Tom Pamin permalink

    I’ll have to try those 2 Cleveland ones this week. Not sure I can hear the ground transmissions from the west side.

    It appears the county is going to go with the new system as recommended. They are figuring out the financing now, about $26M. Information is available for download on the erie county govt. web site. I tried to go to an info meeting on it, but they never publicized the date/time, so I missed it. I complained to Kathy Dahlkemper, but she never bothered to answer my email.

    Looks like a P25 Phase II system, with a little encryption. Only a couple scanners can monitor that kind of system though. I hope it has a stronger signal that what they use now, as it’s pretty weak.

    • Tom, Yes do try the Cleveland frequencies and see what you hear. 127.075 is your best bet, you might get that one depending on your setup. The planes always repeat everything back to center controlers though so you really won’t miss anything.

      Thanks for the update on the new radio system also. It sounds like they aren’t making info on it very easy to come by but at least we know they are going forward with it. It won’t be good for many folks with scanners, but at least it should benefit the emerg. responders. Low-band fire is especially fragmented and in need of some work. Chautauqua county is much the same, with the whole county operating on 46.1. North end units can’t hear south end units, and everyone ends up walking on each other when things get busy. I hope these new systems are as good as they’re supposed to be and serve those folks well!

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