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Erie International Airport and P-25 Digital

Here is the archived discussion on Erie International Airport’s move from an analog to P-25 digital radio system.

Tom Pamin: I’m hearing lots of static on the Erie Airport Maintenance/Police frequency of 154.98. This started about a week ago. Could it be scrambling, or maybe a result of narrowbanding somehow? Very annoying to listen to. Why would they pay to scramble this frequency?

ScanningEriePA: Tom:  Thank you for the information. I have not personally heard anything on that channel, although I can’t guarantee good reception out here. I suppose it could be encrypted but like you suggested that wouldn’t make much sense based on the freq’s usage.

I’m going to post on the main page to see if anyone has also heard it. I will also monitor and see if I can figure anything out.

Thank you again for the information, much appreciated.

Tom Pamin: I figured it out today. They went to a P25 digital system on the same frequency. I used my BC396T and they come in clear. Only static on my analog scanners though. I have a BC996XT on the way, so at least I can hear them on that too.

Here is their FCC app for it:

I’ve been monitoring Erie freqs since the 1960′s, so if you have any questions or need help, let me know.


ScanningEriePA: Thank you very much Tom. I saw and replied to your thread on RR as well before I noticed your answer over here. I will update the frequency list tomorrow with that info, thanks for investigating it. I’ve been listening to that freq ever since I first saw your post and haven’t heard anything, so I must be a little out of range. That’s good that you can still hear them with your digital scanner though, and any other digital freqs that come along in the future.

Thanks again and happy scanning!

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