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Scanner Recordings Archive

Welcome to our archive of scanner recordings.  Here you will find MP3 files of interesting scanner traffic I have recorded off of my radios.  This will include police and fire incidents, rescues, severe weather traffic, and “oddities” and other rare traffic.

I do not record the scanner all of the time, so all major incidents will not be featured.

To play a recording, click on the URL below the description to play the MP3.  You can always save these to your computer as well for your own listening.  Feel free to share this page on your site or with others, but please refrain from linking directly to the file URL.

Traffic is recorded with “dead air” removed, and some may be edited for your listening purposes.

If you have any questions, comments or problems, feel free to contact me.  Check back often, as new recordings will be frequently added.

* Erie City PD High-Speed Pursuit Throughout the City

09-06-13 (Friday), beginning just after 22:00

PSP initially requested assistance from EPD with a vehicle that fled from them off of I-79 at speeds of over 100 MPH.  The vehicle was one of 5 that was drag racing on I-79, and fled from troopers that attempted a stop.  The vehicle led EPD on a high-speed chase through Erie, eventually being lost after officers were ordered to back off by the Officer in Charge (OIC.) They soon found him again and resumed pursuit until the OIC later ordered a termination.  The suspects nearly rammed countless vehicles and pedestrians on the way, including police vehicles.  The driver was later identified via the license plate as Anthony J.  Fischer, 19, and he turned himself in to state police at a later time.

Click here to listen to EPD audio of the incident (11:52 min):

* Erie City PD DUI Pursuit through East Erie

01-24-14 (Friday), beginning just before midnight and continuing into 01-25-14

An Erie Police Dept.  unit attempted to pull over a black Dodge Ram at East 10th and Hess Ave.  just before midnight on Friday, 01-24-14.  The vehicle sped away northbound on Hess Ave., and in the subsequent pursuit police were led on a roundabout trip throughout the eastern half of the city.  During the chase the driver hit two police cruisers, backing into one and running the other off of the road.  Minor damage was sustained to the police cars.

The car was eventually stopped at Prospect and McCain, and the driver was taken into custody pending charges.

Click here to listen to Erie police audio of the incident from channel 1 (460.05 MHZ) (06:36 min):

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