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Erie Co. Joins New Regional 911 Network with Initial Success

July 4, 2014

Erie County, PA, as of Jun. 25, has now officially joined the Northern Tier Regional Telecommunications Project. This is a new 911 network that also includes 9 other counties in our part of the state. Erie county’s former 911 system was out of date and needed upgrading, and a lot of money will be saved by entering into the joint consortium as we did as opposed to developing a new stand alone 911 system for the individual county.

According to an article by Ron Leonardi that was recently published on, the new system will be better equipped to keep county residents safe. New phone equipment, state of the art information-sharing technologies, and an Internet fiber-optic linked network are among the upgrades. Also, one county will now be able to answer another one’s 911 calls from its call center should the original county become overwhelmed. For example, as stated in the article, if Erie county suddenly saw an explosion of incoming 911 calls, another county in the network could answer our calls and then contact our county for the appropriate agencies to be dispatched. This is an alternative to calls going into a “call-waiting” status at times such as that and not being answered as quickly.

The article stated that feedback and response on the system so far has been very positive. Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Crawford, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, and Warren counties are the others participating in the network.

You can read the full report from GoErie by following this link:


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