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E.C. Skywarn had a Busy Week

June 23, 2014

Erie County Skywarn had a busy week last week, with 2 consecutive nights of severe weather in the area. The first net took place last Tuesday (06-17) from about 7 PM through around 9:15 PM, for several severe thunderstorms tracking through the county. The storms were originating over Ontario before tracking southeast across Lake Erie, through southern and western Erie county, and into Crawford county. Several reports of funnel clouds were received, along with some fairly large hail in the 1.50 to 1.75 inch range. There were the few individuals as usual who reported on lightning, rain, and other non-severe aspects of the storm, but in general it was a very good net.

The second night of weather was on Wednesday (06-18). Our coordinators saw a line of strong thunderstorms moving in, but did not feel the situation was severe enough to warrant a net. However, a warning went up on the line as they were entering the county, around 8 PM, and over the next hour the storms produced gusty winds and heavy rain as they moved across the county to the east. No formal net was called, but I was acting as an informal net control on the repeater to keep people informed and field any reports that might come in. The lake shore saw most of the excitement, with a measured 59 MPH wind gust at Erie and numerous instances of downed trees, branches, and power lines mainly in Erie and Millcreek. I had good participation, but lots of chaos and disorder on the air. People were stepping all over each other with non-severe reports, so that it was impossible to hear anyone, and those that really did have criteria reports could not be heard. It was a disappointing show of professionalism by the amateur community, although it was very good to have so many eager spotters willing to help us out. It was a good learning experience for all, and provided lots of good points to cover on the weekly Sunday night training/information net several days later.

As always, I recorded both skywarn nets from my scanner here at home. Due to the large file size, I have thus far not posted the audio to the site. If anyone expresses interest in wanting to hear, download, or save the nets, please let me know and I will be more than happy to post them if I know that there is interest. Leave a comment below or contact me otherwise if you would like to hear the nets.

For now, happy scanning, and as always if anyone has information or something else of interest they would like to share, don’t hesitate to contact me!


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