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E.C. Skywarn Net Activated on Jul. 8 for a Severe Squall Line

July 13, 2014

Erie county SKYWARN activated this past Tuesday (Jul. 8) for a severe thunderstorm event in the county. We were expecting a threat of strong storms for days in advance, and a watch went out for us at 1:05 PM in advance of a developing squall line over central Ohio. That line finally began to move into Erie county around 2:15 PM, and continued to pass through until around 3:30 PM. I took net control duties on our net, and this was the first time I was ever a solo net control station on a real weather net. I think I did pretty well, considering that.

We had a good net for a week day, with 20 stations participating. Alan (KB3DUO) did great work with his radar updates and NWS report liaison. Lee (N3APP) also helped out by being an info liaison and my back-and NCS.

We had numerous reports passed, but mainly minor ones. They produced some gusty winds which brought down a few trees, limbs, power lines, and some small debris. The bigger problem was heavy rain, which led to areas of street and low-lying area flooding. The line affected all of the Erie, but the hardest-hit areas were right along the Lake Erie shore where the strongest cell tracked.

It was definitely an interesting net, but we can sure be thankful we didn’t get it as bad as some other areas. A tornado touched down in Medina county to our southwest, and there was widespread wind damage off to the east in New York, PA, and Maryland.

I am not posting the audio from this net because to me, it wasn’t quite exciting enough. However, if you are interested in hearing the net, I would be more than happy to post and share it with you. Just leave a comment here on the site and I will get the recording to you as quickly as possible.

A big thank-you to all the stations that participated in our net, it was wonderful to have such a great crew out there watching and reporting for us. This is what makes Erie County such a leader in emergency communication!


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