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Chautauqua County Dispatcher Recognized for his Outstanding Efforts

January 3, 2014

Smart911 is a system in place in many parts of the country, including Chautauqua county, that allows public safety dispatchers to quickly access important information for a person when they call 911 with an emergency. Once a person has a profile in Smart911, dispatchers can quickly access medical and other information about that person using their profile if an emergency ever occurs. Smart911 attempts to recognize dispatchers that use information in the Smart911 system to positively affect the outcome of an emergency through the SmartSave award.

One of our own local dispatchers, Michael Catta, recently received such an award. He works as a dispatcher for the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office, and was presented with the award by sheriff Joe Gerace.

According to a recent article in the Jamestown Post-Journal, Catta received a call from a citizen in need of medical attention on March 27. A woman called in stating her father was in a public parking lot and was having chest pains. After getting the location of the call and beginning to process it so the appropriate units could respond, Catta accessed the man’s Smart911 profile with information about his medical condition. EMS and dispatchers therefore had all the information they needed about his medical history, taking a burden off of the caller’s shoulders knowing that proper help was on its way. Medical units were going to the scene with everything they would need to properly treat the patient quickly and effectively. Catta even forwarded the medical notes to the hospital where the patient was transported, so they had all the information as well.

I personally was privileged enough to work with Catta over this past summer during my internship at the dispatching office for Chautauqua County. I can personally affirm that he is a fantastic dispatcher, and I know he would always do whatever is necessary to help those in need. This was probably just another day helping the citizens of the county for him, but it is awesome to see him receive recognition for his help in saving lives.

Thank you, Catta, for everything you do!

If you want to read the full Post-Journal article, follow this link:–SmartSave–Award.html?nav=5057


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