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Make Scanning Part of your New Year’s Plan

December 27, 2013

We are quickly coming up onto New Years 2014, in which we will say good-bye to 2013 and welcome in a brand new year.

With the holiday just days away, many of us are making plans for the parties we will attend or the snacks we’ll prepare or the friends we’ll hang with on New Year’s Eve, scanner listeners are also beginning to gear up for the holiday.

In my monitoring experience, I have found that New Year’s can bring some of the best scanner listening of the year. It’s right up there with ;St. Patrick’s Day and Independence Day for me, my self-proclaimed “Triple Crown” of scanner-listening holidays.

With New Year’s Eve coming up fast, be sure you have your scanner prepped and ready to go for the party. Police agencies will surely be hopping with plenty of interesting calls all night long. Erie city police are always one of the busier agencies in the area, so if you live within their range be sure to tune them in. Also don’t neglect your local town or county police agency, as they will surely also have local incidents that you will want to be aware of. Buffalo police, if you live in range, can also provide a ton of entertainment.

If you don’t have a scanner or won’t be near yours for the festivities, it’s all right. There are a ton of live scanner feeds out there on the Internet for various local law enforcement agencies, as well as agencies across the county. If you don’t want to list: to Erie area traffic, pick your favorite city (Buffalo, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc.), and tune in for the action!

Broadcastify has one of the biggest and best collections of live feeds on the WWW. It’s so easy to use, too: just scroll to your desired state and county and select the feed.

New York City, as you can imagine, is one of the busiest major cities to tune in to for the holiday, with the Time Square ball drop and multitudes of people celebrating in the city. The Special Operations Division (SOD) feed of the NYPAID is always your place to hear what’s going on city-wide, and there’s never much dead air.

You can also pick your favorite precinct feed from the department by going to the New York City feeds page under New York on Broadcastify.

A web site dedicated to scanning the Long Island area, W2LIE, normally hosts a New Year’s feed of the “behind the scenes” operations of the big party in New York. You can listen to TV crews from ABC coordinating all night long on the feed as Ryan Seacrest hosts the most-popular holiday party. I perused his site as of the time of this posting and could not find any item stating that he would be providing this feed again this year, but it will be worth a check. It normally becomes active during the afternoon on New Year’s Eve and continues all night long. Give the “Special Events 1” feed a try and see if you hear it.

These are just a few ways that I like to keep up with all the action of New Year’s. If you have any comments or ideas on how you monitor in the new year, I’d love to hear about them! Just leave a comment below and tell me about it!

Also, if you hear anything interesting during your monitoring, please post it as a comment to the site! We always love reading your feedback!


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