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Hams Help with Homecoming Parade in Union City

September 29, 2013

Ham radio operators were called on Saturday (Sept. 28) to assist with communications for the Union City homecoming parade. A small group of operators, including myself, answered the call and headed out to help. All went smoothly, and the air was pretty quiet, which is a good thing when working public service or a net. We were able to assist with coordination as the floats and other units for the parade were lined up, and then got to sit back and take in the parade as well.

It was a very enjoyable day, and I had a terrific time. We arrived about 8:30 and finished up after the parade around 12:30. Operations were on 146.55. The weather was perfect with lots of sunshine, and though the day started cool, but quickly warmed up into the 70’s. The parade was awesome, and went perfectly.

I always enjoy doing public service, and was happy as usual to help out with the parade. It is partly our job as hams to provide communications when needed, and some great times can be had while at it. I would like to thank all the operators that came out to help, we all did great!


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