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New Outdoor Antenna is Up and Running!

September 1, 2013

This is an update on the ScanningEriePA monitoring post improvements. My new Antennacraft ST-4 discone base antenna arrived last Wednesday from ScannerMaster. As of this morning, it is mounted up on the roof and is performing beautifully. It is currently on a temporary mast that puts it about 30 feet in elevation. In the near future my permanent antenna tower will be added to, and after that time the antenna will be permanently mounted up there, hopefully around 40 feet in elevation.

We are getting phenomenal reception now compared to what was previously coming in. The most noticeable improvements are on the 33 and 46 MHZ bands for local fire dispatches, which was the main goal of the purchase. UHF is also greatly improved, with nice reception up into Buffalo and crystal-clear signals on all our local county departments.

The antenna is currently feeding my Uniden BCT15X scanner, which is now located in the ham shack. My BCT8 remains in the other room and is still being fed by the Watson WAN-97A that I previously used. The nice thing about the new set-up is that electricity is not required to power the antenna (which was needed by the Watson), so no change will be noted during power failures.

I still have a lot to learn about the antenna and its capabilities, which will become clearer to me once the set-up is permanent. I am looking forward to getting to know my new antenna, and to spending lots of time in my new and improved monitoring shack!


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