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PSP VHF Activity Monitored

July 25, 2013

Last night I was monitoring the scanner around 9:25 when the some of the old PSP VHF channels I still monitor lit up. Corry base was speaking to a car on their old designated frequency pair. It was not a call or anything serious, the car was looking for a parking lot of a certain business. So from the sounds of it the PSP VHF system remains active in Pennsylvania, likely on a secondary basis but it is still in use.

If you are interested in hunting down what little VHF activity remains on the PSP system, try these frequencies:

155.58: PSP Erie base, dispatch

154.95: PSP Erie base, mobiles

154.92: PSP Corry base, dispatch

154.83: PSP Corry base, mobiles

154.685: PSP Girard base, dispatch

158.91: PSP Girard base, mobiles

154.755: PSP mobile to mobile

155.46: PSP tac 1

151.49: PSP tac 2

155.79: PSP tac 3

Keep in mind that the dispatch (base) channels for Erie, Girard, and Corry bases are a duplex. You must listen on one frequency to hear the dispatcher (dispatch) and the other to hear the mobile units (mobiles.)

If you monitor these or have been listening, I would be curious to know what you’re hearing, if anything. Please feel free to share your notes and observations.


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