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Working America on 6 Meters

July 15, 2013

First of all, I would like to say that the Northwest PA Hamfest on Saturday was a great success. The weather was beautiful and lots of people came out, we had 160 in attendance which ties it for the best-attended hamfest we’ve run. We also had 65 talk-in check ins, another unusually high figure. So thanks to everyone who came out and helped to support the Wattsburg and Union City clubs, and especially to those that put in so much time to help out!

Also, an announcement that the “Radio Codes and Lingo” page has been updated to add some new codes, correct wrong ones, and fix some dead links. It is now up to date, check it out!

This time of year is the time when 6 meters is a great band to DX and see who you can work. It’s known as the “magic band,” because it can be dead for weeks at a time, but when it decides to open, it’s a phenomenal experience!

I have been doing some work on 6 meters SSB lately. Without putting very much time into it, I have contacts ! 13 states, a Canadian province, and a DX’Pedition spot My most recent contact was a 5/5 signal from a station in New Mexico yesterday afternoon.

I run a Kenwood TS-2000 on 6 meters
off of a Saturn-6 halo antenna at 100 watts. The antenna is about 30 feet above the ground.

Here’s a look at the limited contacts I’ve made on 6 meters so far. Keep in mind that this is over a period under 2 months, with very little time spent on it and a fairly simple set-up. Imagine what a little time and effort could get you on the Magic Band!

Alabama: 2
Arkansas: 1
Florida: 3
Georgia: 1
Minnesota: 1
Miquelon Island: 1 (DX’PEDITION station)
New Mexico: 1
New York: local contacts, plus 1 out of local area
North Carolina: 1
North Dakota: 1
Ontario: 2
Pennsylvania: local contacts
South Carolina: 1
Texas: 1
Wisconsin: 1

If you haven’t tried 6 yet, I hope I piqued your interest and that you give it a shot. Maybe I even got a few non-hams interested in the hobby! 6 meters (and ham radio in general) allows you to meet so many great people and make a ton of friends. That’s one of the great things about this hobby.

And besides that, it’s just plain fun!


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  1. Terry permalink

    That is awesome Nick. I did hear you on 6 one day talking to Rick in Lakewood.

    • Thanks Terry! I’ve heard you several times on 6 when I was spinning around, during the band openings. I never tried to call you though, because the bands were so crowded.

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