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Funny E.P.D. Call for the 4th

July 6, 2013

Heard this call via recording from the Erie PD dispatch channel from around 1 AM on Friday morning, the “night” of the 4th. I’m sure this is just what the cops wanted to be dealing with.

Officer A: Dispatch, what do you got in the 100 block of Nice Street?

Dispatch: Uh, apparently someone stole the pool chalk off the pool table, and the bartender wants to file a complaint about it.

Officer A (in a grumpy tone): Are you KIDDING me?

Dispatch: Uhhhhhh, I wish I could.

Officer A: All right, I’m down here, I’ll talk to hm…

Then gets walked on by officer B.

Officer B: Operator, clear this out, we are NOT going to that!

Dispatch (after a long pause, still chuckling): Copy that, you’re not going.


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