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Skywarn Activated and a Crucial Role in Tuesday’s Tornado

May 30, 2013

Erie County Skywarn activated Tuesday night for the tornadic thunderstorm that tracked across the southern part of the county, spawning 2 tornadoes. N3APP, Lee, was the net control for the duration, and I was his back-up control, in case anything happened to him. There was a terrific turnout of folks that went out in the field and spotted on the storms. Though the links between the 3 repeaters we use gave some delay and cut problems, traffic was passed very efficiently and effectively. The net lasted almost 2 hours. The spotters in Edinboro were the ones that first noted a tornado on the ground and prompted the NWS in Cleveland to issue a tornado warning for the cell, which they had claimed was weakening on radar.

You can read more about the damage on my weather site,

I recorded the complete skywarn net. Please comment to this post or send me an email if you would like an MP3 copy of the communications.

Fantastic work to all the spotters that helped out, it was a job well done and a huge help to the forecasters at Cleveland and the citizens of our country alike!


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