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My First Net Control Duty!

February 23, 2013

Yours truly had the opportunity to be a net control station on amateur radio for the first time this past week! I have always wanted to be a net controller, and over the past weekend, my good friend Lee N3APP sent me all the materials I would need to act as a controller on the Erie Area Mailbag Net. This net meets Monday through Friday at 8 PM on the 146.70 repeater in Union City.

By Tuesday, I had everything prepared to be a net control. The schedule for controllers for the week was full, but Lee told me that my opportunity would soon come to fill in on a night when the scheduled control station was not available.

He was certainly right: I didn’t have to wait very long. The following night, on Wednesday, 02-20-13, the scheduled NCO was not around, and so I took the net as my first-ever stint at the job. I think it went very well for my first time, and even better, I had a great time doing it!

I do have a recording of the net. I will not be posting it here on the site, but I am more than happy to email a copy to anyone who is interested. Feel free to comment below and I will send you a copy if you so desire.

So, if you hear KD2DAX on 70 one of these nights, wish me luck! If you listened to the net on Wednesday, what did you think? Did I do a good job?

One more step in getting to know amateur radio!


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  1. Terry permalink

    Great job, that is a busy net!

    • Thanks Terry! I’ve been filling in quite regularly now when the scheduled controler isn’t around, and it’s been a blast. I’m also getting into 2 meter SSB now wthanks to N2LXD and WA3MKT, Fred and Rick. So I’m pretty active these days! 🙂

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