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Happy New Year Scanner Fans!

January 1, 2013

From myself and all of us here at ScanningEriePA, I would like to wish all my readers a happy New Year. Hopefully good health and good times find you in 2013, and I wish you all luck with those resolutions!

As part of my resolution, some changes are coming to the site. I realize that the blog portion of this page has become very quiet, and that it is probably sliding slowly but steadily towards nonexistence. I love radio too much to allow that to happen.

While not immediately possible, over the next few weeks I will be working to review and update all the frequency, agency and monitoring information pages. Since they were created over 6 months ago, many things have changed with my monitoring knowledge, especially with amateur radio now that I am a licensed operator. So look for updated pages soon.

Also, I want to try to bring the blog portion of the site back to life. I will try to do more posts about events important to the amateur community, and more “special reports” to educate you and enhance your radio experience. I also hope to get more audio available. I have lots of things in my audio archive, and though I typically restrain from posting police incidents because of privacy and officer safety, there’s still a lot that can be heard and enjoyed in amateur radio, Coast Guard, fire, aviation, and more. One of the things that might be in store is an “interesting clips library,” where interesting audio files will be linked so you don’t have to scan back through the posts to find them.

The task of reviving the blog lies partly with you as a reader as well. We all have useful input, and whether it is pointing out an incorrect PL tone on a ham repeater, providing an audio file of interesting communications, recommending a helpful site or simply commenting on the site material, I need to hear from you. It takes more than frequently updated content to make a good site: it also takes input from followers, both good and bad.

I hope we can accomplish some of these goals in this brand-new year, and I look forward to spending a new year with all of you. Again, happy New Year, and let’s bring positive change to ScanningEriePA!!


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