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Change the Clocks and Check the Emergency Kits!

November 4, 2012

Hopefully you remembered to turn your clocks back an hour last night as Daylight Savings Time ended, and if not take this as your reminder. Be sure that you also check the batteries in your smoke detectors, as it is good procedure to do this each time you change your clocks twice per year.

Turning the clocks should also be used as a reminder to ensure you are prepared. Checking or replacing your smoke detector batteries is only part of it. Use this biannual occurrence to remind you to check or change other emergency devices as well. Change the batteries in your NOAA Weather Radio to make sure they are fresh and ready to go. Check or change the batteries on the portable scanner in your emergency “to go” kit so it will be ready to operate should the need arise. Replace the food and water with fresh supplies in your emergency kits. These are just a few examples of what you may want to do when the clocks change. I find that it is a got and easy way to remember to do such things that you would otherwise forget to do.

So, change those clocks and check those emergency supplies/devices, and be ready for emergencies and darkness at 5:30 PM!


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