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Gauging Interest in the Site

October 14, 2012

If you are a user of the ScanningEriePA site, please post a comment to this post. I am trying to determine who is using my site, for what reasons, and what the users think of the site.

Post whatever you like, but I’d especially like to know about the following:
– how frequently you use the site
– what you primarily use the site for (freqs, monitoring tips, emergency alerts, etc)
– what you think in general of the freq/tips pages if you use them
– what you think of the posts section (alerts, news, etc) if you use it
– what you might want me to change on the site in the future

One major point is that I don’t post here about every fight, shooting, accident or robbery that happens- otherwise I would be on the computer all day. Do you like the presentation of news information here?

Please do not feel obligated to post comments/recommendations; I simply want to make the site more enjoyable and useful for my users.


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