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NOAA Weather Radio Outages in the Area Monday

September 30, 2012

This message pertains to anyone who uses NOAA Weather Radio as a source of weather information, including forecasts, current temperatures, climate data, etc. Tomorrow (Monday, 10-01), weather radio stations in northern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania under the National Weather Service in Cleveland will be off air at times. According to a statement issued by the NWS, this is due to a computer upgrade at the weather office. The outages will be the most frequent in the morning hours, but outages will be possible throughout the day.

Even when the weather radio stations are on-air, you will still notice problems. The stations will be running with limited capacity and may not include the full lineup of usual forecasts, discussions, conditions, and other data.

Service should resume as normal on the stations by Monday evening. You can still access the same weather information by going to the NWS’s web site at this link:

In our local area, stations that will be off the air are KEC58 in Erie and KZZ32 in Meadville. KEC58 is operated on a frequency of 162.4 MHZ; I don’t have the Meadville freq memorized but I believe it is on 162.475 MHZ.

The NWS says that they are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment to this post and I will do my best to answer them or to find out the information for you.


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