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Better Scanner Recordings on the Way

September 4, 2012

In the past, all my recordings of scanner traffic were made by placing my digital audio recorder near the speaker on the scanner. It operated using voice operation, so the device only recorded when there was traffic. However, audio quality was compromised this way, as many radio transmissions are already garbled and hard to understand as it is. Also, I didn’t want background noise in the recording, so I’d have to shoo the family out of the room when something was going on.

Recently I found a way to patch the audio from any of my scanners directly to the recorder through a stereo audio cable. Voice operation can still occur, and now the quality is no different on the recording than it was originally on the scanner. The only downfall is that you cannot hear the audio from the scanner through its speaker; however, I have 3 scanners so I can just power up another one. Also you can plug in earphones and “monitor” the recording being made as well.

In summary, these advancements will make audio recordings cleaner and of higher quality. This is a fairly cheap and simple solution for anyone looking to record scanner traffic: the recorders cost between $50 and $100, but the audio cables are common and cheap–I bet you have some lying around your house already.

Please remember that I do not post any sensitive audio material to this site. That often makes any police incident invalid for posting, as I will NEVER upload any audio that contains license flate numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.


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