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CelebrateErie plus Weekend = Scanner Excitement!

August 17, 2012

You will definitely want to tune into Erie Police Dept. channels over the next few days. The annual Celebrate Erie event began yesterday (Thursday, 08-16), and will run through Sunday (08-19.) That means that the Erie police channels are without a doubt going to be jammed!

Currently, I have both my scanners holding on channels 1 (dispatch) and 3 (traffic control) of the department. I also recommend tac. 2 (car to car), and if you are in the city, any of the non repeated tac channels. Only channels 1 (460.05), 2 (460.20), and 3 (460.25) are repeated, and those are the only ones I monitor.

I have only begun listening to the traffic from last night on Dispatch. Events included groups unruly teens reeking havoc on State Street throughout the night. There were also two shootings, one at East 9th and Ash and one at East 10th and Reed. At 9th and Ash a 17 year old girl was shot in the foot. There were also reports throughout the night of fights throughout the city.

Even if you don’t have a scanner, need to be away from your radio, or don’t live in the area, there are still ways to get your dose of excitement! A feed is hosted on RadioReference that broadcasts Erie Police activity live, and you can listen to that feed here:

(choose the player you want to use and then click the listen button)

You can also listen to an Erie police audio feed live on the ScanErie web site, as well as see realtime incident alerts from those who listen to the feed.

Once I listen to more audio from last night, I will post more about what I hear, and will also share recordings with you if the situation warrants that.

Stay safe, listen to some genuine Erie excitement, and CELEBRATE ERIEFFFFL


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  1. hi, i’m a reporter interested in the violence at Celebrate Erie. so what did you hear?

    colin 619-379-6156

  2. I, Colin,

    I am sorry to have to say, I am still sifting through the audio I recorded from the evening and overnight hours. (I don’t stay up all night long.) I am actually still listening to Friday night’s audio, but also remember I record from ab 7 pm til 7 am, so it is, needless to san, a lot.

    Thursday night there were the two shootings described in this post. There were also groups of youths milling around downtown, and frequently there were fights involving shese various groups. There was naturally some trouble at the bars, and McDonald’s on State Street was also a hot spot for disturbances, unruly drunks and fights.

    The violence wasn’t just downtown; there were increased domestic calls citywide, and calls of fights 9volving anywere from 6 to 100 people kept coming in.

    Friday night there were shootings on East 19 and 11 streets. Much of the same problems continued with violence downtown.

    I’m sorry I can’t give you anything more recent than that right yow. I’ll add more as I continue to sigt through the calls.

    • this is great…. looking forward to hearing more about Erie. i’m picking up some stuff on Twitter, but this is great. colin

  3. Colin…

    I’m now listening to Saturday night’s traffic. While calls weren’t as serious as the first two nights (no shootings, etc), they were far more numerous. Shots fired reports were the norm, but for the most part they were confirmed to be fireworks each time. It seemed like the whole city was firing them off. There were also a lot of domestics and disturbances, along with the typical problems near the bad bars and along State St.

    Glad you like the site.

    • you site is perfect. i wriote about racial violence both in a book and for … i want to write about Erie if I find out that the groups of people fighting and creating mayhem were black.

  4. Colin, I am not sure what race the groups were, but I believe they were mixed. Please avoid racial stereotypes or you will not be permitted to comment to this site.

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