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Check Out the RadioReference, a Radio Resource for Everyone

August 8, 2012

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have at least a slight interest in radio scanners. You may also be interested in amateur radio, shortwave, DX, CB radio, FRS/GMRS, and other radio topics.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the hobby and only have one cheap radio, or if you have been scanning, DX’ING and SWL’ING for 60 years. People of all levels of skill can find what they need in the hobbies of radio and much more at RadioReference.

RadioReference is a fantastic online web resource for radio hobbyists of all types. If you’re looking for scanner frequencies, their easy-to-access databases provide detailed information for most counties in the US, as well as state, federal, interop, marine, aviation, and other frequencies. If you want to monitor it, I can almost guarantee it’s on the RadioReference databases. The pages are always updated and current, and they also have good information on trunking systems.

RadioReference also has an extraordinary collection of live scanners being broadcast over the Internet. Users of the site volunteer their time, money and effort to stream the audio from their scanners live to the world. You can find police, fire, EMS, marine, aviation, amateur radio, and much more on the feeds pages. There are 9 scanners being broadcast online for Erie county, PA alone, including the city police department, city fire department, suburban and rural police, and county fire dispatch.

Probably my favorite part of the site is the Forums section. There is an endless list of forums on the site, and they cover all topics that you could possibly want to read or discuss. That includes scanner discussions for many of the top brands, including Uniden, GRE, and Radio Shack; ham radio discussion; pages to discuss many of the other radio hobbies such as CB, severe spotting, recreational monitoring, marine monitoring, and aviation monitoring; and a forum for each state to discuss radio communications in each state among knowledgable enthusiasts. There are even “Tavern forums” to discuss things like news and events and sports!

It doesn’t matter what your question is about, you’re sure to get an answer by posting a thread in one of the forums. You can also help others who need assistance.

You do need a membership to the site to post in the forums. However, it is easy to set up, and is completely free, with no hidden charges or risk of infecting your computer. You’ll never get annoying E-mails, and everyone on the site is generally very nice, friendly and welcoming to new members. If you’re just checking out the forums for the first time, I recommend the “New Users/Getting Started” forum.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to be a part of the best frequency database in the country; have access to thousands of live online scanners; and be able to discuss radio topics with others who are just as interested as you are, head over to RadioReference! You’ll never regret your visit, and who knows, you may just become addicted to the forums like I have!


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