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Mishap leads to New Recorder!

August 2, 2012

In a recent mishap, I took one of my Sony Icd PX-820 digital recorders on a trip with me to Oil Creek State Park to record nature while there. I left it in my pocket, and when doing the laundry the next day, forgot it was in there and ran it through. So, needless to say, it had stopped working. I still had another one, but I like to have two recorders on hand.

So, we picked up a new one yesterday from Walmart, but this time the ICD PX-312. It is a better model and has a lot more features than the 820.

I use these recorders for recording scanner traffic. With the new recorder, I’m still not sure of all the features that it has. I’m also not sure how helpful they will be in scanner recording. I do know there is a noise elimination switch, which may be useful. I know the recorder will be good for nature recording; see my “Nick on Nature” site for more details on that hobby.
Stay tuned for more information and maybe some test recordings. I can’t say the quality of sound will be vastly changed, but I do anticipate at least some improvement.


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