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Skywarn Activated for Storms on Thursday

July 29, 2012

Erie County Skywarn Net was activated on Thursday afternoon (07-26-12), for the severe thunderstorms that developed and moved across the area. I tuned into the net well into the check-ins at about 13:00, and so I don’t know what time it started, but I was impressed with the advanced activation, as no warnings were in effect and skywarn was already well under way. Tony, WB3KGT, was the net control station.

The net was fairly boring. One interesting report was made by Lee, N3APP, right at the beginning of my recording. Lee reported estimated winds of 60 MPH, and this report was passed along to Cleveland. You can listen to his report here:

Usually the weather service takes wind speed estimates with a grain of salt, but apparently radar trends reflected what Lee was reporting well enough that they issued a warning for Erie County. It is pretty cool when a spotter helps to issue a warning.

Other than that, the net was fairly uneventful. Operations were only on 146.61 repeater in Erie. 146.82 was not linked in for some reason. Alan, KB3DUO, was on-air and provided radar updates as usual throughout the event.

Near the end of the net, Tony suddenly went off-air. Matt, KB3CAT, had been standing by as his backup in his truck at the Kuhl Hose fire station, and he immediately took over when he realized that Tony was gone. Moments later, at 1:37, Alan reported that the net could be secured. While there were still strong to severe storms in the county, they were mostly in the southern part of the county, and with 82 not linked up, there were no spotters in those areas, so there was no reason to keep the net up.

All in all, a very uneventful and well run net. A quiet net is a good net, and this one was certainly handled well by both Tony and Matt. Thanks to the good work of all the spotters who participated in the net for helping to spot and report severe weather!


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