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PSP May Not be as Far from VHF as we had Thought

July 28, 2012

If you live in Pennsylvania or know anything about their radio communications, you know that for quite some time now the Pennsylvania State Police have been operating exclusively on the PA Starnet Open-Sky trunked system, which cannot be received by any scanner.

However, there are indications that this may not be the case after all.

Persons statewide have been reporting tactical and car to car traffic on some of the old state VHF channels formerly utilized by the State Police. Additionally, the old dispatch channels are being maintained for backup dispatching in case of a Starnet failure.

Additionally, there are indications that the State Police are installing new dual-band radios in their patrol cars. It is also being reported that a new statewide VHF radio system may be in the works, that will be compliant with the narrowbanding rules that go into effect on Jan. 1, 2013. This new system may be used for backup to the Starnet system, for tactical communications and for easier interoperability with other law enforcement agencies not on Open-Sky. It is said that both repeaters and simplex channels will be included in the system.

At the time of this writing I do not know the status of this system. I am not 100 percent sure of the validity of this data. At this point, I have updated the Erie County page with the old VHF channels that may be active. When I learn of new repeater or simplex channels, I will add them to that page, as well as add a post relating to the new data.

Here are the frequencies that may be in use. The PA State Police dispatch channels are duplexes, with bases to cars on one channel and cars to bases on another.

155.58: PSP Erie base
154.95: PSP Erie mobiles
154.665: PSP Girard base
158.91: PSP Girard mobiles
154.92: PSP Corry base
154.83: PSP Corry mobiles
154.755: PSP mobile to mobile
155.46: Tac. channel 1
151.49: Tac. channel 2
155.79: Tac. channel 3
154.905: Western tac.

As stated, stay tuned for the latest information regarding PSP and VHF.


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