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DCNR Notes 07/10/12

July 10, 2012

As you read yesterday on the blog, the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is in the process of rebanding their radio system.  To read more about what rebanding is and what new frequencies to watch for, see my post published yesterday, “DCNR Going Narrowband with New Frequencies in PA” by following this link:

Also, see the DCNR section of the Erie County frequency page on this link:

Since I became aware of the changes, I have been closely monitoring both the new and old DCNR channels for any traffic.  So far, I am able to confirm that the new Presque Isle State Park ranger repeater is active on 151.445.  I believe this frequency may be tied to a talkgroup on the Starnet system, as a ranger requested of his base this morning a “radio check via 800 MHZ” on 445.  I am still unable to confirm 151.4 for lifeguards and 151.16 for maintenance at the park. I did hear some lifeguard communications this morning with the beginning of the shift at 10:30 but was unable to determine the frequency in time to see if it was 151.4.

As for the new county narrowbanded tower on 159.2325, I am not exactly sure what is going on.  From time to time, a morse code ID is heard, as if the Albion repeater is online and ID’ING itself.  However, I have never heard anyone talking on the channel.

Additionally, there is sometimes a sound as if a repeater is being keyed from a distant station that has no audio and isn’t quite reaching the repeater.  I also occasionally hear a buzzy whooshing sound that resembles a trunking channel control data, but it is not continuous and is not on the channel all the time.

So, for now, I am not sure of the status on 159.2325.  If anyone in the area can plug that in and try to confirm something for me, both myself and the RadioReference database folks would probably be greatly pleased.

I have also not heard any traffic on the old Presque Isle and District 6 simplex frequencies.  That is not unusual, as I have never heard anything there in the past (probably too far from any areas where they would be in use.)

I have updated the Erie County page to reflect everything I know right now about the DCNR migration to narrowband.  I would greatly appreciate anything you find while monitoring these frequencies.  I will update the page as I learn more details from my own monitoring, from helpful folks at RadioReference, and from ScanningEriePA user feedback.


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